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At Hidden Creations Underground, we love the arts, we are about the arts, weather that is fine arts, or commercial arts, writing, music creation, and so much more that one may consider at art. We are a company of many talents such as graphic design (and all that it may encompass), animations (2 dimensional and 3 dimensional), Video production, music mixing and creation, fine arts (including sculpting), photography, and almost any kind of art you may think of! Welcome, and by all means, have a look around!

Our mission, our goal....

Our number one priority would be to help put together, and finish a customer's projects as quickly as possible and meet our deadlines, so that our customers could meet theirs, without sacrificing quality. We would schedule deadlines for large projects, and if for some reason they could not be met due to machinery malfunctions or weather related we would offer additional deals to help satisfy and even impress the customer so that they would return, and give good report.

We also would like to say, we do commission work, and not just flat art.

Our graphics department is geared towards total corporate identity. Learn more

We have many creative talents and we are ready to share! We can do anything from flat art, to sculpting, all the way through to building! If you are interested in purchaseing any of the pieces of art featured on our website contact us and we'll discuss price! Learn more 

We have things for sale at various websites, including Redbubble, Bonanza, and Vida Learn more

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12/03/21 Merry Christmas to you and yours! We hope you enjoy every moment!

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